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3D_cover-500x380The Cycling 360 guys bring back Kelli Jennings, the nutrition guru in this episode of the podcast.

Yes, Darryl and Victor were super excited to have Kelli join in and talk about her new comprehensive nutrition and fitness program, designed to help people lose weight, maintain a lean weight, and become more fit.

Oh, and we’re offering our listeners 15% off any of the downloadable plans at Apex Nutrition.  Just enter the coupon code “cycling360” when checking out.

Our sessions with Kelli are always full of incredible content, so tune in and listen carefully for information on:

  • How to become fit and strong
  • Discovering your inner athlete
  • Amazing Metabolic Boost tips
  • Why diet is a lifestyle and not just a New Year’s Resolution
  • The number one tip for getting started with a nutrition program
  • How to gain control of your nutrition and your body
  • Plus so much more incredible nutrition information

TEzBEAIhilW-MfIUSCPR42zXNDgqdiKTzyTeJcUKVJE,7-ECFoIpdJtJtFJiEMnHMTgBe15kTn_wOMR3S8aPBW4This episode of the Cycling 360 Podcast brought to you by Rudy Project.  Here’s a look at their Momentum Sunglasses as discussed in this week’s show.

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