Riding in the Rain

Rain is a part of life, and if you’re a cyclist you need to know what adjustments to be made so that you can be safe 65983_546043892083256_2030434896_nand make the most of a rainy ride.

In this edition of the Cycling 360 podcast, Darryl and Victor talk about clothing, equipment, riding, and post-ride things to consider when it comes to riding in the rain.  Tune in and find out about:

  • Base layers for cool rainy rides
  • Kit choices
  • The best sunglasses for riding in the rain
  • Beware the white line
  • Braking in the rain
  • Tire pressure
  • The two most important things to do following a rainy ride
  • How rain affects your bike
  • All this and so much more

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  1. Darryl,
    Those cow things are called cattle grids. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle_grid)
    They are designed so cows can’t walk across them, but you can drive, bike or walk across them.
    They keep the cows from walking away in areas where a gate/fence wouldn’t be appropriate or easy to install.

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