The Saddle Show

The Saddle Show

Victor has already predicted that our podcast on bicycle saddles will be our biggest yet.  Why does he feel this way?  Well, he says it’s the single most important point of contact that every cyclist shares with the bike.

In our first show of 2013, the Cycling 360 guys take on this important topic and discuss all aspects of the bicycle saddle.  You often hear of cyclists complaining about getting numb, sore, or pain from being in the saddle….and this podcast will help show you ways to get the most comfort and performance out of your seat.

Listen in to the Cycling 360 podcast on bicycle saddles:

  • How position and technique can affect comfort in the saddle
  • Victor’s secret saddle thumb test
  • Flexibility and how it pertains to saddle comfort
  • What to look for when purchasing a new saddle
  • Picking a saddle to match your riding style
  • Saddle covers, shells, and rails….what combination is best?
  • Saddle sizes, weights and shapes explained
  • How long does a saddle last?  When do I need to replace my seat?
  • The cost of a new saddle and recommendations on how much to spend






 Victors Playlist of Saddle Videos

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  1. I recommend trying an ISM saddle, I use the Typhoon. My search has included larger, more padded, pump-up air bladder and most recently a modern Flite (not the GelFlow). I predict ISM’s design is the way of the future.

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