It’s a topic that we don’t generally like to discuss, but crashing is a part of cycling and knowing how best to avoid and deal with them is important to everyone. In this podcast, the Cycling 360 guys talk about all aspects of the crash and provide some incredibly valuable information which includes:

  • How to crash properly
  • How to reduce the chance of a crash happening to you
  • What to do after a crash
  • Things to watch out for on group rides
  • Tips, techniques, and ideas on how to keep yourself upright on the bike
  • And a whole lot more, including a great Cycling 360 quick tip from Coach Rob.

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Have you crashed yet? I did.

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  1. karl brooks says

    this web site will be up and running in a few days .the London cycle show is coming up 12 Feb 2015
    any one worried about falling off your bike , all will be revealed at the pro bump ware stand , come along and see our new product, this is the break through we have been looking for in riders safety and its arrived
    see you there at the show
    Karl and Robert

  2. I loved this podcast about crashing. “The cycling gods” are a bunch who are difficult to understand/please. I had just picked up my bicycle from the LBS, but I usually do my own repairs/tune ups and considered this a treat. I had also picked up a new computer for the bike and tubes. I had also texted my brother in excitement letting him know I am going to need a new wheelset in the not too distant future, as the rims were wearing from the brakes. I was cruising along one of the streets, on my lunch break, enjoying the ride on a newly tuned purring kitten. when someone decided I would make a good hood ornament and T-boned me while making a left turn. If you stay away from the above mentioned items, this will hopefully keep the cycling gods looking upon you favorably.

    P.S. I really enjoy listening to your podcasts. I am by no means a competitive cyclist, but someone who is considering getting fitter and I do have some goals in mind. Your podcast is great to help with the motivation and tips for someone who has never experienced riding in a pace line. I will have to wait to rehab the knee before getting on a bike again. Keep up the good work! 5 star rating.


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