Cycling and Balance

It’s a part of cycling that none of us usually think about….but balance is a huge part of riding a bicycle.  We take it for granted and never really think it’s something we can use to improve our cycling.  But Victor feels it’s more essential than we give it credit for, and wanted to share this valuable information with our listeners.

Sure Darryl jokes about this topic being a little boring, but by listening to this episode you will learn some great information and look at your riding from a different perspective.

Tune in to find out more about:

  • Balance as it applies to starting your ride
  • A little test project that Victor says everyone should try (just maybe not with your favorite bike)
  • How balance can be used to improve your cornering
  • High speed descents and the role balance plays
  • A slow speed game to help improve your balance
  • Plus more tips and information on becoming a better cyclist

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