How to deal with muscle imbalances

Almost everyone has some sort of physical imbalance, and whether you know it or not, it affects your cycling.  The idea for this podcast came up after receiving an e-mail from one of our listeners who suffered a rare type of stroke that made everything in life more difficult.  We share his inspiring story and explain how he decided to take up cycling in the aftermath of it all.

So how does your own personal imbalance affect your cycling, and how do you improve it?  In this podcast, we go over all things involved with imbalance and cycling:

  • Strength, Form, Awareness, and how to deal with the different imbalances
  • Our simple test that allows you to discover your imbalance
  • Why you should use fatigue as your friend
  • Exercises to help build up strength and imbalance
  • Important tips on proper imbalance strengthening issues
  • How improving your imbalance will improve your cycling and other areas of your life

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