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Our Cycling 360 listeners are in for a treat in this podcast.  We’re joined by  Todd Heady of Head First Performance and discuss everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Ultra events like the Ultra Triathlon.

Todd Heady has taken part in some unbelievable sporting events and left the Cycling 360 boys speechless with all that he’s done.  Todd won the 2004 Champion of the Americas Triathlon, Lévis Double Iron Distance Ultra Triathlon, and the Virginia Double Iron Distance Ultra Triathlon in 2005.  Todd was also the top US finisher (placing 7th overall) in the 2005 World Quintuple Iron Distance (12 mile swim, 560 mile bike, 131 mile run).  That alone is enough to make your head spin.

In this podcast, Darryl, Victor, and Rob ask a whole bunch of questions but in case they missed something you would like to ask Todd, be sure to contact us and we’ll pass it along.  Tune into this very interesting podcast and hear about:

  • What makes a Triathlon an Ultra Distance Triathlon
  • What kind of training goes into preparation for an Ultra Triathlon
  • How Todd was able to keep sane as he circled the velodrome over 500 times in his Mexican Ultra
  • Amazing stories and tips from Todd about his experiences doing Ultra triathlons
  • What kind of nutritional planning and intake is used for Ultra triathlons
  • Problems that can be encountered by being an Ultra Endurance athlete:
    • Repetitive stress injuries
    • Gastro Intestinal
    • Hydration
    • Cardiac
    • Finding time to train
    • Affording to compete
  • What kind of athletes excel best at Ultra events
  • Plus a Cycling 360 Quick Tip by Todd Heady

Todd is a very animated and interesting person to listen to and we invite you to join us in this podcast to hear all his stories.

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