Pushing Your Limits

By: Cor Voz/Pez Cycling

The idea of pushing limits always seems to come up in athletics, but how can this be applied to cycling and what does it mean.  The Cycling 360 guys discuss this topic and get into the physical and mental aspects of pushing past your limits on the bike.

Limits can be defined as “those things that you have not been able to physically accomplish yet. We also refer to these as weaknesses.”  Oh, and we have a note of caution: Pushing ones limits can lead to improvement!

Join us in this podcast and find out about:

  • What causes limitations.
  • How to recognize what your limiters are.
  • What catalysts have created your limits, and what to do to break free.
  • Guidelines to improve and push past your limits.
  • The mental strength and how it can get you past your limits.
  • Personal stories from the Cycling 360 boys and how their experiences may help you.
  • A phone in question about bonking and how it inter-relates to pushing past your limits.,
  • The Cycling 360 quick tip, and much more.

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