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The Cycling 360 boys were stoked to have Nancy Sathre-Vogel along for this podcast on Bicycle Touring.  Nancy is from Family on Bikes, and along with her Husband and twin boys, they took off cycling from Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in 2008 enroute to Ushuaia, Argentina.  It was a journey of 17,300 miles and it took them through 15 countries.  They arrived at the southernmost point of South America on March 21, 2011.

Nancy and her family are “just your normal, everyday, American family” who happen to believe in following their dreams and “chasing rainbows”….and enjoy the adventure and fulfilment of bicycle touring.

Listen in to this podcast on bicycle touring as Nancy joins us to share her incredible stories, words of advice, and views on humanity.  It is definitely one of our personal favorites to date, and we invite you to find out more about Nancy and the fantastic world of cycling touring.  If you’ve ever thought about going out on your own short or long bicycle tour, or are just interested in hearing about cycling adventures…this one is a must.


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  • The library of books written by Nancy of Family on Bikes, including their latest, Twenty Miles per Cookie – a book about their 12 month, 9,300 mile journey through 19 US states and 5 Mexican states.

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  1. Liked the podcast. So glad you’re out there. Nancy’s trek is an inspiration. Just would like to add a couple of things that I wish you would discuss.
    1) If you get an ergonomic saddle that fits YOU and get your bike fitted by a real pro it can make a huge difference. I’ve been a commuter for over 40 years and a tourer for 10 and have never had serious problems, but my new setup is totally comfortable even without chamois. However, my husband developed pudendal neuralgia (AKA “cyclists’ syndrome”)’ a condition more common among women, that probably could have been prevented with proper saddle and fit. This is a long term condition that you really don’t want to get. It’s taken him 3 years of therapy to be able to get back on the bike; he also had to switch to a noseless saddle. and he was lucky to fiind a doc and PT who knew anything about it.
    2) I agree that you can, and I have, toured on almost any bike. However, a good touring bike is fabulous! And you can get one for around $1000. Love, love, love my Long Haul Trucker. Strong, fast, has braze ons everywhere to attach stuff, you can put almost any tire on it.

    Thanks again. I’ll be listening, so keep podcasting!

    • Thanks Sara,

      We did cover a number of saddle related maladies in our show on saddle sores. We are going to be doing an entire show on saddles in the near future. There will be tons of new content on this show. Big surprises.

      Having a touring specific bike is great when touring. What else did you think we should cover when talking touring bikes?

      Coach Rob

  2. Very encouraging to get us out there on our bikes. Thanks for this podcast. As a family of seven I’m most worried about all the little ones going. Wondering where to go. I want to do the Katy trail across Missouri. After listening here, I’m more hopeful that it is doable.

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