Saddle Sores



It’s a topic that most of us would like to keep personal and quiet, right?  Well, Saddle Sores are an issue that many cyclists deal with and the Cycling 360 boys are here to discuss all the details.  It’s an important subject that hasn’t been thoroughly discussed….until now.

Download this podcast and find out:

  • The definition of Saddle Sores
  • What is the cause of Saddle Sores?
  • The difference between abrasion and Saddle Sores
  • What can I do to prevent Saddle Sores?
  • The secret remedy to cure Saddle Sores
  • And everything else you wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask
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  1. Kevin Eklund says

    Great points from your guys all around. You missed the one that when people follow with the post ride rule of get out of the kit ASAP.
    If you go #2 any time during the day jump in the shower and wash you have the extra 2 minutes. Never kit up without having a clean arse sorry to say it but I think it is the best tip regarding saddle sores.
    Never wear your kit in the car to a group ride even if it is a 10-20 minute drive.
    Thanks Guys & Gals
    Tail winds for you on the next ride.
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