The benefits and review of aero wheels

All about Aero Wheels

Have you been wanting to know more about Aero Wheels and how they may or may not improve your cycling?  Maybe you’re looking at upgrading to a new set and have questions as to which size and type are best.  There’s a lot more to Aero Wheels than some people may think and in this podcast we go over all aspects for you. Victor, Rob, and Darryl go over the following points and more in this Cycling 360 podcast on Aero Wheels:

  • What are Aero Wheels?
  • What are the benefits of Aero Wheels?
  • How will they help my cycling?
  • Which Rim Section Depth is best for me and my style of riding?
  • How much do Aero Wheels cost?
  • What is the best choice for my budget?
  • How strong are Aero Wheels and how do I care for them?
  • How do I know if I’m ready for Aero Wheels?

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