How to Ride in a New Location

Okay, so you’re going on holidays or a business trip and really want to go cycling while you’re there… do you make it happen?  Well, in order to jump on a road bike and put on some miles you have to know ahead of time where some nice bike friendly routes are and which ones are close to where you’re going to be.

In this podcast, Darryl goes over a  few tips on how to successfully cycle a new location.


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How to Cycle a New Location

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  1. Bud Blevens says

    Darryl you are spot on.

    I’ve been walking to lose weight and get fit for about a year. Recently I decided to get into cycling after about 30 years off. I listen to your podcast while a walk. I know, ironic.

    I travel regionally for work and do exactly what you have described here to find walking and riding areas. It’s worked like a champ.

    A couple of weeks ago I finally got a new bike and rejoined the cycling world. Fortunately most of my travel is drive so I can take my ride with me.

    I also check out some of the trail sites, such as and Both have been great resources finding places to ride, and walk.

    Thanks for a great podcast. Love listening to you guys.

    • Hey Bud, thanks for your comment….very appreciated. It’s great to hear that you regularly listen to our podcasts…..yeah, even if you do so while walking. Hahahahaha. It’s also great that you get to take your bike with you while traveling. I love cycling in new locations, even if it takes extra time to locate some good routes.

      I’m happy it’s all working out for you. Be sure to keep in touch and let us know when you find a location and route that knocks your socks off.


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