Think About Renting a Road Bike When Traveling

In this quick tip podcast, Darryl explains how he’ll be renting a road bike on his upcoming trip to Austin, Texas.  Sometimes it’s just easier to locally rent a bike than to bring your own, and by doing so you’ll be able to keep on cycling.

Just a real basic tip, but something to think about the next time you’re traveling on business or pleasure.  Even if it’s just for a weekend trip.

Oh, and he forgot to mention it in the quick tip but Darryl wanted to mention that there’s a website called that offers private bike rental opportunities in certain cities as well.


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  1. Personally I have a Brompton folding bike with 16″ wheels, it is so small that when I went to Greece I managed to find a suitcase that fit the bike and it had room leftover to pack clothes in and other items. But I didn’t get it just for that, I could not justify the price just for using a bicycle on vacation. I got it since I don’t have a car and NJ Transit restricts usage of full sized bikes, but not folders. Since I have had it, I also noticed it is so small that when folded it can fit between a car’s footrests in the back seat, so sometimes I get rides one-way to somewhere if I know someone is driving somewhere.

    It is definitely not as enjoyable to ride as my Waterford 1200 road bike or Gunnar Crosshairs cyclocross bike, but it has its advantages and it rides surprisingly well given the design compromises.

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