Core Strength for Cyclists

Core Strength For Cyclists

Having core strength is important for anything you do, but it’s definitely something that will help out your cycling as well.  Core strength is defined as “balanced development of the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body.  So what do you do, and how can a strong core be used to your advantage on the bike?

Darryl and Victor go over the ins and outs of core strength and cycling, including:

  • An on-the-bike test to see how strong your core is
  • How a proper bike fit and core strength go hand in hand
  • A not so easy on-the-bike test to test out your core strength….yikes
  • Core exercises to improve your strength
  • Advice from Lance Armstrong’s strength coaches
  • How core strength can help prevent injury
  • All this and a Cycling 360 Quick Tip on core strength and spot reduction

Additional Links:

Core Strength Exercise (Video)

Interview With about Foundation Training


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  1. William Larson says

    Dear Victor, Rob, and Darryl,

    Thanks for all the hints and tips. You’re the best. Happy to share I just finished the Trans New Hampshire 250 or about 250 miles spread over 3 days. This on the back of a very hot day in upstate New York (95+) and a less than impressive century ride. Fluid, fuel, heat, terrain, cramps, nausea… or as we say, “the full experience”. At least my bike was looking good after the “Washing and Maintaining Your Bike” podcast.

    Two weeks later in New Hampshire: Rode hard, rode fast. Didn’t get dropped in the rollers, didn’t get dropped on the flat stage day, didn’t cramp or lock up on the hill day. Wish I could call out one podcast, but I’ve hit so many and some twice. Best takeaways:
    • Managing the cassette with shifting technique on the rollers and when needing to close a gap
    • Managing my cadence and drafting which also led to not getting “yo-yo’d” on the back of the train
    • Peddling through the corners
    • Tactics on managing hill climbs in a group (slide down the peloton as they climb and grab the back without getting burned out),
    • The “doh!” moment: practicing on the trainer taking the water bottle in and out with one motion and not sitting up made a huge difference.
    • Swapped out my fluid / fuel plan to compensate for the heat since the first two days 90+ in temp (don’t stick with a plan that isn’t working eh?).

    Not only was the Trans New Hampshire well organized and with great people to ride with, but also I had three of my best days on the bike ever.

    Thank you for that!

    P.S. having a hard time accessing pages on the site? Once I navigate away from a page, it is blank when I return to it? Can’t identify this with any other web pages nor what might be goofed up in my browser.

    • Thanks William!!!!!

      We get real excited when one of our listeners writes in to tell us how well they have done. Especially when they are able to employee our tips and tactics.

      Great job!

      We have had some odd issues with the site as of late. We are trying to track down the culprit. It appeared early on to be related to the power outages in the East and South East as well as the fires in the West. The problems caused by these natural disasters have been solved but continue to see some strange behaviors. Looking into it now.

      Thanks Coach Rob


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