Don’t Be Afraid of Your Bike

Your brain can be your biggest obstacle when recovering from a crash.

If you have ever had a big crash, or even a small one, you know that the biggest obstacle to resuming your riding can be fear. In today’s Quick Tip, Victor discusses how to overcome your fear and trick your brain into letting you get back on the bike. Building back up is key to getting back into your usual rhythm. Listen to this Tip to learn a solid way to overcome your fear of the bike.

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  1. Victor,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your latest podcast: “Don’t Be Afraid of Your Bike.” I had a severe accident in May 2015, suffering a fractured skull, a broken pelvis and an exposed kneecap that had to be sewn up. I was able to return to cycling after six months of treatment. The first two rides after the accident were apprehensive, as you described in your podcast. It is a challenge when the activity you love hurts your life.
    I think that this topic deserves a full podcast. There are some other elements to recovering from some accidents, including preventing accidents in the first place, getting back into shape, the importance of insurance (medical, homeowners and bike) and warranty issues with carbon fiber bikes.
    My family and friends want me to write about this in my next book as a way of helping other cyclists through a traumatic experience and to help me sort it all out as well.
    I enjoy the podcast. I’ve been a listener for years (Darryl has moved twice since I started listening).

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