Cycling 360-2015

Handlebar Productions Cycling 360 PodcastWe’re 12 days into 2015, and you might be wondering when the next episode of the Cycling 360 podcast will be coming out?  The simple answer is… 4 days.  But we’re so excited about our newest podcast that we wanted to put out a little teaser.

One of our amazing listeners, Martin Blomberg, has offered us his incredible sound engineering services and will be making Victor, Darryl, and the Cycling 360 podcast sound like angels.  Yes, he’s that good.  Oh, and he’s also composed a new theme song for the podcast….using his bike.  You won’t believe what he came up with.

This episode’s topic is one that Victor and Darryl are passionate about.  They’ll be discussing the idea of stepping back from you training (and you life), making sure you’re on the right path to achieve your goals, or making adjustments to ensure that you are.  They’ll be talking about core values, goals, and personal achievement both on and off the bike.

It’s a life changing episode that will help kickstart your 2015.

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