Cycling Shoes

Cycling Shoes

This Cycling 360 Podcast focuses on cycling shoes and how to prevent discomfort and avoid loss of power due to your shoes.

The importance of having good cycling shoes cannot be stressed enough.  They provide the starting point for a comfortable and strong ride and cyclists should ensure they have the best fit and a shoe that works for them.

In this podcast on cycling shoes, Darryl and Victor discuss:

  • Foot discomfort and cycling
  • How the wrong shoe or fit can create a loss of power
  • Why having a good shoe is so important to a cyclist
  • How a cycling shoe should fit
  • Shoes for Triathletes
  • Tips and tricks to get the right fit and adjustment
  • The importance of a good insole
  • Quick fixes until you get new shoes
  • Cycling shoe technology – what’s important?
  • Common foot problems and how to fix them
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quicktip and much more

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  1. EricSemmelmayer says

    I have a question about foot beds. What do you guys think of the Pearl Izumi Adjustable foot beds. in reading about them, They seem like they would really help my knee alignment issues

    • Eric, I think you would be better of with the sole foot beds I recommend. You can also use the superfeet brand. I am not too keen on the pearl izumi, specialized or trek footbeds. Hope this helps

  2. I have a question for Victor regarding custom footbeds. There’s a lot of instruction videos for sole moulding in normal shoes, but I’m wondering how to do that for cycling shoes. Do we heat them and then clip in on a trainer and pedal? or do we just leave the foot in certain position? Do we just stand flat on the ground? Thanks for the advice

    • Thanks for the question. I have tested both methods and have found that the molding works best in cycling shoes while you are standing on the floor. Not clipped in and riding. When you are standing a good fitter can manipulate your foot position for optimal set up. If you are just doing it yourself, just stand with your knees slightly bent and even pressure on each foot. Victor

  3. Never occurred to me to change insoles. I changes to SOF Sole inserts and my shoes are so much more comfortable. Thanks for the advice.

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