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We’ve been on the air for a while now and we’re very happy to see our followers grow each month.  Along with more people listening to our podcasts, we’ve had an increase in the amount of questions and comments that we get coming in.  This is fantastic and we’re so pleased to hear from all of you.  We’ve responded to each question that comes in, but in this podcast we’ve taken the questions and talked about them so that everyone can benefit from the answers and advice that is provided.

In this podcast you’ll hear our comments and answers to questions such as:

  • How can I ride without back pain?
  • How do i know when to shift on hills?
  • How can I keep a cadence greater than 90 RPM without bouncing all over the place?
  • How do I learn to deal with sore shoulders and hands?
  • Can I improve both my speed and climbing endurance in the same training season?
  • Should women train differently than men?
  • How to build confidence on the bike
  • And a bunch more questions with some beneficial answers

Additional Links:

Using a foam roller:

Four good cycling stretches:

Yoga for cyclists:

Carrie Cheadle Mental skills expert:

Saddle Discomfort:

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