Simplify Your Cycling: Equipment

Simplicity and Cycling EquipmentLast podcast we gave you an overview of how simplifying things can help make you a better cyclist.  In our first category, we talk about cycling equipment and how to make things more simple.

Darryl and Victor truly believe that simplicity can help you love life on and off the bike, and in this episode they go over simplifying your equipment from the bike all the way down to your shoes.

Tune in and find out about simplifying your cycling equipment:

  • How to choose the best bike for you when there are so many options and choices
  • Simplify your clothing – how much do you really need?
  • Why did Darryl bring up the fact that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of storage space in the US alone?
  • Keeping your cycling computer and power meter choice simple
  • Why having more than one pair of sunglasses is a good way to keep things simple
  • Helmets, water bottles, and saddles
  • Making tires and wheels simple
  • And so much more

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  1. I was just listening to the podcast at work today and wanted to add a couple of comments about items you mentioned in this show.

    First, shoes. My advice would be to NOT buy shoes online. Instead, go to stores that have the shoes you would like to try on and do so. A really good store will help you with multiple shoes and find the ones that fit you the best. They will also align your cleats for you while you are on your bike in a trainer at the store. I bought my first pair of shoes online because I needed a pair of road shoes and they lasted me for about three (3) years. They were all right but never seemed to fit correctly (hot spots, shifting, etc.). When I went to replace them, I went to three different stores and tried on many different brands of shoes. The ones that ended up fitting me best cost more than I wanted to spend but I remembered that you guys said to pay most attention to your contact points with the bike (feet/shoes, shorts/saddle, gloves/bars). I tried Shimano, Mavic, Specialized and Sidi, among others and ended up with the Sidi Genius 5 Pro carbon models. They fit my foot fantastic and I will never regret the extra money spent on them.

    Second, was computers. I have a computer on my bike that tracks mileage, speed, time and cadence. However, many people have their smart phones with them on rides as well that will track many of the basics stats by a simple app. Whether you use MapMyRide or Strava, these will track the basics for you and, best of all, they are free. Spending nothing seems to fit in line with your motto of this show on how to “simplify your cycling”.

    Thanks again and keep up the great work.

    Tim M.
    New Freedom, PA

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