Finding Time to Train (The Life/Cycling Balance)

Balancing Cycling and work/family

Do you have difficulty finding the time to get in quality training on your bike, or including your cycling into your life balance?  Like most things in life, we have to make time for the things that matter most to us….and cycling is definitely one of those things that we need to make time for.  Not only do many of us just want to get out there on our bikes, but those who race need to make sure they fit in the proper amount of training time.

In this Cycling 360 podcast, the guys discuss the training/cycling and life balance and provide useful information, tips, and real life stories on how to make sure it all falls into place.  Tune in and find out:

  • What to do when life gets in the way
  • How thinking you can’t fit it in can really mess up your plans for making it happen
  • How to make more time
  • The benefits of scheduling and being flexible with your schedule
  • The role of communication in making more room for your training
  • Plan the work – Work the plan
  • Paying yourself first

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  1. Unfortunately once you’ve crashed there is not much you can do to recover for that specific ride. You need to be eating properly before the ride and through the day. I am actually a light eater normally but on days with long rides I eat more for breakfast than normal so that I have the fuel later in the day.

  2. Its not just finding the time but the energy. I forced myself to do a short ride (10 miles) and 2 blocks from home I fell apart: shakes, chills… fortunately I had stopped at the grocery store and got some honey and kashi bars which got me home but it took about 5 hours to recover. What to do about the energy level and recovery from a “crash”?

    • Karen,

      When you say a “crash” do you mean “bonking” or were you involved in a wreck? If you were involved in a wreck Curtis is right. There isn’t much you can do in a ride to recover. We do give some tips on what do when a cyclists wrecks on the show “Crashing“. If it was about bonking we are getting ready to do a show tonight all about carbs and nutrition timing that may prove helpful.

      Coach Rob

      • Now that I know the term “bonking” as applies to fitness, I bonked. Energy crash. I am in a martial arts cycle where we are required to increase our cardio: running, cycling, and elliptical are my choices. Lately, my appetite has been off so I have to force myself to eat. I may not have had enough calories and hydration that day. I’ll start being more detailed in my journal.
        Thanks guys.

        • Thanks for listening Karen! Sorry to hear about the bonk. I know what you mean about just not wanting to eat. I too have the problem of not keeping up with my nutrition logs but that is exactly how you could of caught the problem before it happened. Not sure how much time you are spending on the bike but in the future make sure to take some quick carbs with you on rides longer than 2 hours. I and Victor are former practicing Martial Artists. Small world.

          – Coach Rob

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