Preparing for a Century Ride

Have you always wanted to complete a Century Ride on your bike? Maybe you’ve heard this “buzz” word and aren’t even sure what it mean.  How about those of you who have already done one or more Century’s and would like to know how you can improve your performance on your next one.

In this podcast, Darryl, Victor, and Rob discuss everything from the definition of a Century to successfully completing one…..and everything in-between.  Have a listen and find out:

  • What a first timer should do to get ready
  • What your training program should look like
  • How far in advance do you start preparing for a Century
  • The Who, What, When, and Why of going faster in your next Century
  • What to take with you on an organized or a solo Century
  • And so much more



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  1. wish i would have listened to this first. spent way to much time on the bike without intervals. only put in lots of miles… lots of un-necessary time away from family. burned out. finally got back on the bike and worked myself up to 90 in training. could have gone 130+ on the day of the century. This was so very helpful. thank you

  2. The century is my 2013 goal thanks as always @RaleighTourist

  3. Hook me up.
    I’m in

  4. Thanks for the refresher on the basics, guys! I recenlty discovered your podcast and am catching up during my daily train commute.

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