How to Descend Fast with Confidence

Descending on your Bike

Descending is a very important aspect to becoming a better cyclist, and in this podcast we cover the topic and provide information on how you can improve your descents down a hill.  Many cyclists have a fear of steep descents and the speed and maneuvering that comes with it.  But with the right information and advice, you can have the confidence to make the most of your descent.

Tune into this Cycling 360 podcast and listed to Darryl, Victor, and Rob discuss all these areas associated with descending on a bike:

  • Speed
  • Braking
  • Form and Posture
  • Cornering
  • Types of descents: Short and steep, Switch backs, Hybrids
  • Descending on a tri bike
  • Advice on speed during a descent
  • How to brake while descending
  • Proper form and posture
  • Cornering in a decent
  • The topic of counter-steering
  • Plus additional information on improving your descent, plus the Quick Tip by Coach Rob
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  1. Matt

    Thanks. I love the notes!

  2. Fellas:
    Perfect timing on this show. I’ve switch from a stock tire from Performance Bike (clinchers) to the Schwalbe tire you guys talked about on one of the older shows. Since the tire swap, I’ve noticed that descending isn’t as much fun. I feel less stable on these tires. Can a tire make that big of a difference? I plan to take the advice to lower my center of gravity as was mentioned by Rob and see what diff this makes for my bike. I will let you know.
    My max speed so far is 46 MPH.
    I do have to tell you that I’m new to cycling 7 by listening to your podcast I have progressed quick into cycling. I’ve told my friends who ride to listen and get better with your riding.

    thanks again.

    Mike Richards

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