How to avoid getting dropped from a group ride

Photo by: Kay Ohta 2011

In this podcast, we talk about tips, techniques, and secrets to help keep you from getting dropped while out on a group ride or pace line.  If you feel that this podcast may be over your head and that you’re not at that level yet….tune in anyway because we’re pretty sure you’ll learn something to help make you a better rider no matter where you’re at.

Getting dropped is what happens when the rest of the cycling group leaves you behind.  Darryl, Victor, and Rob will help prevent this from happening while discussing the following topics and having a great time along the way.

Tune in to find out about:

Getting dropped is such a popular subject among some cyclists that there’s even a cycling blog dedicated to it.  Check out You Got Dropped, but make listen to the show so you won’t become one of them.

Photo: Yep that’s Coach Rob after he got dropped at his favorite criterium – Bike Lexington Criterium.

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  1. Hi,
    Got dropped today on my second ever group bike ride. In the slowest group ‘C’ but just physically not up to it today. Did some very big hills at a higher pace than I’m used to. Last week I seemed strong and kept up with the leaders ok. I need to build more miles into my week but as I’m recovering from injury and an accident and over 40 need to build with caution. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what to do. The ride was a ‘no drop ride’ but I was ‘happy’ to be dropped as the rest of the pack were very strong & I knew the way home (eventually).
    Any tips on building up milage? The group ride is 30miles. I manage to do 2/3 other rides per week between 8 & 20 miles which tend to be very hilly and fast. I am also training for a triathlon (olympic distance) next year so am not being ‘lazy’ but am fitting in swim & run training too. There are schedules on line but its hard to know what to go for.
    I guess patience would be useful but find its something I don’t have time for……….

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