Getting Kids on Bikes

Whether you’re a parent with kids you’d like to get into cycling, have friends in this situation, or are just passionate about inspiring our next generation to have the same love for cycling as you do…this podcast is for you.

In this podcast about getting kids on bikes, Darryl and Victor go over many of the important topics that should be considered and put into place.  In order to get kids safely out there riding and to feel excited and motivated to keep it up, we have put together some ideas and suggestions to help things out.

Tune into this podcast to find out more about getting kids on bikes, including:

  • Selecting the right bike for your child
  • Safety lessons to pass on to your kids
  • Ideas for making cycling fun for kids
  • Maintenance tips for kids bikes
  • Buying a new vs used kids bike
  • Riding with your kids and Family rides
  • How to gently get kids back on the bike if they lose interest or are scared
  • And a whole lot more including our 360 Quick Tip about getting kids on bikes

Additional Links:

Darryl’s poem about his Son’s first ride on two wheels


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