Proper Hydration While Cycling

There is one thing that every cyclist cannot live without….WATER.  The level of importance varies depending on your level of cycling, climate, and distance but proper hydration is something that all of us need to know about.

In this podcast Darryl, Victor, and Rob go over the most important aspects of hydration and by the time you’re done listening you’ll never have another question about getting yourself properly hydrated.  As a bonus, the Cycling 360 boys are joined by Kelli Jennings (RD) who provides her expertise and provides further knowledge on the topic of cycling hydration.

This podcast includes:

  • Pre-ride, riding, and post-ride hydration information
  • Information on how to regain the water weight lost from sweating and cycling
  • What keys aspects determine how much hydration replacement you’ll need?
  • Are hydration tabs necessary?  Are they worth the money?
  • What are electrolytes and how do you replace them?  Why you need to replace them.
  • And a whole bunch more important information that all cyclists need.

Additional Notes to go with Podcast:

Kelli’s home brew sports drink recipe

What does Darryl think of Nuun?

More details to determine how much water you need.

Water on Long Rides

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