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Get Lost…..on Your Bike

In this Cycling 360 quick tip, Darryl tells you all to get lost.  Yeah, that’s right.  But he does mean on your bike, of course.  Listen in as he shares several reasons why getting lost on your bike will improve you performance and make you a better cyclist.

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Prescription Eyewear for Cycling

In today’s Quick Tip Victor speaks with the man who makes Cycling 360 sound good, our audio man Martin, about wearing prescription eyewear while cycling. Lots of cyclist don’t realize that it might not be the best plan to ride in your regular prescription glasses. Victor and Martin talk about the differences and benefits of […]

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Goals You Can Manage

In today’s Quick Tip Victor talks about goals and goal setting. Victor has often noted that, for him, ambiguous or long term goals fall through the cracks. In this tip he explains his personal system for creating reachable goals in a manageable timeframe, and how to use this method to structure your training and riding. […]