Simplify Your Cycling: Nutrition

Apex NutritionAs we continue our series on Simplifying Your Cycling, we discuss a topic that matters to all cyclists.  Nutrition is important no matter what level of cycling you take part in, not to mention something that matters whether you cycle or not.

Of course we had to bring in cycling nutrition expert, Kelli Jennings.  Kelli is a walking encyclopedia (maybe it’s referred to as walking Wikipedia these days) full of incredible nutrition knowledge.  Not only is she a Registered Dietician and Sports Nutritionist, she’s also an avid cyclist and endurance athlete.

Nutrition can be a very complex and confusing issue for all of us, and the intention of this podcast is to strip away all the details and present you with the most important information.  Have a listen.

  • Daily Nutrition vs Active Nutrition
  • Nutrition for weight loss and nutrition for performance
  • The most important foods to eat when off the bike
  • The best foods to eat on the bike
  • The individuality of nutrition
  • Darryl’s tip on motivating yourself to eat right
  • The importance of water
  • The amount of water, electrolytes, and carbohydrates needed for your ride
  • Plus more stripped down tips and techniques to master your nutrition

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  1. Paul Vernon says

    Great podcast guys. I listened to the “simple” series pretty much back to back. Really useful stuff. Thanks.
    Paul, from Bracknell, England (near London)

  2. Summersvet says

    Great Podcast. I appreciate the down to earth approach to nutrition and the simplified advise.


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