Integrating Cycling with Family Life

Cycling and FamilyWe all know that Darryl and Victor are passionate about Bikes and Family, and we’re had several comments asking about how to find room for cycling and integrating it into family life.

This is a fantastic topic and the Cycling 360 guys were happy to dive right into it.  Helping others find a balance between cycling and family time is something we definitely want to help out with.

In this podcast:

  • Integrating cycling into life‏
  • Getting everyone on the same page
  • Core values and priorities
  • Making best use of time‏ on the bike
  • Why group rides might not be a great idea
  • Setting a schedule for me time‏
  • Social Media, TV, Entertainment….are they taking up your time?
  • Darryl’s Personal Bicycle Wheel test
  • It’s not luck…its planning‏
  • Habit forming
  • Programming yourself

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