Take a Happy Ride

We all love cycling, right?  Well, even so….sometimes we just need to forget about training hard and get out for some fun on the bike.  In this quick tip, Darryl discusses the importance of a Happy Ride and how to incorporate it into your training.  It’s just one more ingredient to help you become a better cyclist.

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  1. David Bridges says

    Discovered the podcast last fall. I’ve made some marathon listens to get caught up, including several multiple listens of some of the sessions.

    What would you classify as a “hilly” course? I live in Comanche, TX. The terrain is similar to what Darryl probably rode in Austin, perhaps a little less hilly.

    David Bridges

    • Hi David, glad you found us. We once classified what we deemed to be a hill in one podcast but I can’t honestly remember what that was. All I remember is that Victor didn’t classify anything I rode in Austin as a “real” hill.
      My opinion is that anything that feels challenging to you is a hill. I still call rides that take me on a climb, my hill day even if it’s not really classified as a hill.
      I hope that helps.


      • David Bridges says

        Thanks. I do notice on Strava in the group I’ve joined I tend to have fewer miles than some, but more climbing feet than most. I guess I have somewhat hilly terrain.

        Thanks again,

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