Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone

Change can be one of the scariest things we ever face, both on and off the bike.  Doing something outside of your comfort zone or “outside the box” can be one of the most challenging and scary things you ever do….but we’re here with this podcast to help you out.

Life can often relate very well to cycling and the topic of Comfort Zones is no exception.  Although the purpose of this podcast is to discuss ways to help you break out of your comfort zone on the bike, there are many life lessons and ways you can shake up your personal life as well.

Our co-host Darryl is currently in the middle of a huge change for pretty much every aspect of his life, and he shares many personal stories and advice for our Cycling 360 listeners.  Listen in as Darryl and Victor discuss:

  • Types of sticking points or comfort zones in cycling
  • What’s wrong with staying in a comfort zone?
  • How to overcome the fear associated with change
  • Tips for breaking out of a comfort zone on the bike
  • Why doing it now can help make it happen
  • Going Pro and having things fall into place
  • How signing up for a cycling challenge can help you break out of your comfort zone
  • Doing something that scares you
  • Riding with others and busting out of the comfort zone
  • Plus the cycling 360 Quicktip on comfort zones, and much more.

This just might be our most inspiring and motivational podcast yet.

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  1. Following up on Victor’s challenge to post our “out of comfort zone” idea. I’m challenging myself to qualify for (and ride) Paris-Brest-Paris, 2015. I did RAIN (Ride across Indiana) this year and am planning to do a series of 200K/300K/400K/600K rides in 2013, repeat and do a 1200KM in 2014 then P-B-P. It’s a huge idea, but exciting. Can’t wait to get a real bike fit and to continue Loving the bike. Chapeau, Darryl, for chasing the dream!

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