Common Cycling Injuries

This time around, we aren’t talking about major injuries that come as a result of a crash….this one is all about the common injuries a cyclist can experience from regular riding.

There is definitely a difference between the good pain (“Shut Up Legs”) and bad pain (injury) that can be experienced, and this podcast explains the various types of common cycling injuries, how they occurred, and how to prevent them.

Listen in as Darryl and Victor discuss:

  • The difference between good and bad pain
  • How to cope with minor injury
  • Should you keep riding if you have an injury?
  • What do to first (R.I.C.E. and more)
  • The common causes of knee, back, neck, hip, low back, and IT band pain
  • Why hydration is an important aspect in staying injury free
  • Dealing with tendon injuries
  • Preventative measures for staying injury free
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quicktip and much more

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