Protein Supplements for Cyclists

Protein Supplements for Cyclists

The topic of protein and everything that goes along with it is a complex and very important subject for a cyclist to consider.  We brought in our nutrition expert, Kelli Jennings to shed some light on the subject and she delivered with information and recommendations that all cyclists should have a listen to.

In this podcast on protein supplements, we discuss:

  • Importance of protein in your diet
  • Pre-Ride Protein information and recommendations
  • Protein requirements and recommendations for protein on the bike
  • Post-Ride and recover protein recommedations
  • The best whole food protein options
  • What to look for in Protein Bars and Powders
  • How much protein do I need?
  • Make your own protein bars and smoothies

There is so much great information packed into this podcast that you’re going to either want to take notes or listen to it over and over.

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