Ride in a Straight Line

Have you ever noticed yourself wobbling?

Maybe you noticed people you ride with wandering all over the road. Riding straight is not only more efficient, but is also safer. In today’s Quick Tip, Victor discusses how to develop the skill of riding in a straight line to become a better and safer rider.

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This episode of the Cycling 360 Podcast is proudly sponsored by Aftershokz 

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  1. Jennifer Buntz says

    Bold: selling the skill of riding a straight line as “…but is also safer. ” given that “This episode of the Cycling 360 Podcast is proudly sponsored by Aftershokz”

    Riding with ear buds of any sort or type is NOT safer! Listen to traffic and riders you are with. Use the noise of traffic to know when cars are going to pass. Use that knowledge to wave to the driver. Not because you are overly friendly, but so that driver SEES you.

    Seriously, you can’t tout safety for one aspect of riding with a sponsor who’s selling something that thwarts safety.

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