Finding a Great Bike Shop and Mechanic

How to find a great bike shop

We’ve talked in the past about doing your own bike maintenance, but even with doing a lot of things yourself, you’ll likely need a professional mechanic to take of certain things as well.  Or if you’re like a lot of cyclists, you rely on a bike shop and their mechanic for everything from a tune up all the way up.

So how do you find a good mechanic, and what sorts of things actually make up the characteristics of a what you should be looking for?  The Cycling 360 guys are here to provide you with an informative podcast on the topic of bike shops and bicycle mechanics.

In this podcast, you’ll find out:

  • Why a good bike shop and mechanic are important
  • Different ways of sourcing out a great bike shop
  • What to do if you’re new to a city and looking for a bike shop/mechanic to fit your needs
  • What you should be looking for when you walk into a bike shop and look at their maintenance section
  • What the different varieties of bike shops/mechanics out there are
  • The option of bicycle studios and what they provide
  • And what just might be the best Cycling 360 Quick Tip ever
  • Learn to maintain your own bike ( the class that was mentioned)
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