Where to Ride – Road Surfaces

This quick tip is about where to ride on the road. What parts of the road should you use? What about riding on the white line? Where else can you ride?

Avoiding Flat Tires

In this quick tip Victor talks about “strand free cycling”. We cover 3 tips that will help you avoid getting a flat tire. 1. Select the correct tire pressure 2. Inspect your tires for debris 3. Use high quality tires Here is a link to the maintenance class that was mentioned Tire Pressure article   […]

Riding and Racing Tactics

Riding and Racing Tactics We’ve talked about Race Tactics in the past, but in this podcast we go further into the subject of group riding and race tactics and provide additional information on the subject. Last time around we focused on group riding, tactics for climbing, drafting and pacing.  In this podcast, we discuss Sitting in, […]

How to avoid getting dropped from a group ride

In this podcast, we talk about tips, techniques, and secrets to help keep you from getting dropped while out on a group ride or pace line.  If you feel that this podcast may be over your head and that you’re not at that level yet….tune in anyway because we’re pretty sure you’ll learn something to […]