Sunglasses, Optics and Vision in Cycling

As you all know, Darryl loves his sunglasses and isn’t shy about talking about cycling with a pair on his head.  But he’s not an eyewear expert like our friend Devin Johnson from Rudy Project. You eyes are extremely important and taking good care of them on the bike is vital.  We brought in Devin […]

The New Cycling 360 Jersey

Can you believe this is the first time the Cycling 360 Podcast has put out merchandise?  Yeah, we’ve been helping you become a better cyclist now for five years and are pleased to present our new jersey. Our friends at Voler Apparel have really outdone themselves with this one, and to celebrate we’re giving a […]

Properly Adjust Your Helmet

In this quick tip, Darryl talks about a few things to do when setting up your bicycle helmet.  We all wear them, but are they perfectly fit to our heads?  Just like the benefits of getting a bike fit for your ride, you must make sure that your helmet is properly adjusted to best fit […]

2016 Road Cycling Summit is Coming

This is easily the biggest news we’ve ever unloaded here at Cycling 360.  We are hosting a full on worldwide online road cycling summit from April 6 through 10, 2016. You know our mission is to make you a better cyclist, right?  Well, this event is our surefire way to significantly improve your performance in […]

A Little Known Tip For Taking Your Bike on an Airline

Darryl has taken his road bike with him to several different locations around the world, and in this quick tip podcast he shares a tip that you just might not have thought of in the past. It’s always a little stressful taking your bike on a plane, and this tip is all about something you […]