Riding in the Rain

Rain is a part of life, and if you’re a cyclist you need to know what adjustments to be made so that you can be safe and make the most of a rainy ride. In this edition of the Cycling 360 podcast, Darryl and Victor talk about clothing, equipment, riding, and post-ride things to consider […]

Getting ready for your big event

How to avoid many of the problems that people have before a big event. When to have your bike “tuned” before the event Have your bike checked several weeks in advance. Avoid the common mistake of waiting until a week before your event to have your bike checked and or repaired and then blame the […]

Should you get a road bike with disk brakes?

Disk Brakes on a Road Bike? In this tip Victor shares his opinion on disk brakes for road bikes. In a few years disk brakes will be pervasive on road bikes. Whats the big problem with old fashioned caliper road brakes. Hydraulic brakes may need a pro to do maintenance. The big advantage of disk […]

Cycling 360 Welcomes Rudy Project

If you haven’t already read the announcement of our partnership with Rudy Project, now’s the time to find out all the details…..and how this benefits you as our listener. Rudy Project is one of the leading companies in the sporting and optical sector designing technical sunglasses and helmets, and they also sell bags and other […]

On Maintaining Your Bike

Everybody knows that if you maintain your bike it will last longer In this tip Victor answers the question on how long a bike will last. But there is a much better reason to maintain your bike, its really a pleasure to ride a bike that is clean and is properly adjusted. ┬áThe big idea […]