Simplify Your Cycling: Nutrition

As we continue our series on Simplifying Your Cycling, we discuss a topic that matters to all cyclists.  Nutrition is important no matter what level of cycling you take part in, not to mention something that matters whether you cycle or not. Of course we had to bring in cycling nutrition expert, Kelli Jennings.  Kelli […]

Riding and Racing Tactics

Riding and Racing Tactics We’ve talked about Race Tactics in the past, but in this podcast we go further into the subject of group riding and race tactics and provide additional information on the subject. Last time around we focused on group riding, tactics for climbing, drafting and pacing.  In this podcast, we discuss Sitting in, […]

Improve your handling skills

Learn to be a better cyclist by improving your bike handling skills Bike handling is one of those things that cyclists hear about or may have tried to improve but usually aren’t sure where to begin. In our latest podcast Coach Rob and Victor talk about how to devlop your bike handling skills. Join Victor […]