Check Your Gear

Do you prep for your rides? Most cyclists do. But often once your stuff is in your bike bag, we forget about it until we need it. But, things can rust, mold, crack, and break. In today’s tip, Darryl talks to us about keeping up the gear you might not think about every time.   […]

Hidden Dangers of Cycling Climbing

Recently Victor put up a quicktip with his 3 tips on better climbing.  It had such a big response that Darryl decided it was his turn to talk climbing.  In order to keep this one different from what Victor spoke about, Darryl is giving you the hidden dangers of cycling climbing. Additional Links: Want to […]

Knee Pain – Common Causes

In this quick tip Victor talks about some of the most common causes of knee pain in cyclists The most common offenders are Saddle Height Worn cleats Cleat rotation adjusted incorrectly Too much too soon Mashing the pedals Low cadance       Links: Previous show on Bicycle Fit

Riding in the Heat

Cycling in the Heat Do you like it hot?  Well, depending on where you live you might not have a choice and will need to ride your bike in some extremely hot temperatures for at least part of the year. We sort of labeled a hot ride as anytime the temperature climbs above 90 degrees […]

Time Trial

Learn about Time Trials The Time Trial is a unique aspect of cycling that is important in it’s own right.  Not all cyclists might find themselves preparing for a Time Trial (TT), but the advice from our resident experts will help you out in other aspects of your riding.  Victor and Rob (yeah, they gave […]