Sunglasses, Optics and Vision in Cycling

As you all know, Darryl loves his sunglasses and isn’t shy about talking about cycling with a pair on his head.  But he’s not an eyewear expert like our friend Devin Johnson from Rudy Project. You eyes are extremely important and taking good care of them on the bike is vital.  We brought in Devin […]

Common Fears Associated with Road Cycling

The Cycling 360 guys talked about fears in a previous episode called, Is Fear Keeping You From Riding?  But because it’s something we commonly receive messages about, we’ve put together a more comprehensive episode including many of the fears that cyclists have to overcome. Our goal at the Cycling 360 Podcast is always to help you become […]

Riding in the Rain

Rain is a part of life, and if you’re a cyclist you need to know what adjustments to be made so that you can be safe and make the most of a rainy ride. In this edition of the Cycling 360 podcast, Darryl and Victor talk about clothing, equipment, riding, and post-ride things to consider […]

Fit and Strong

The Cycling 360 guys bring back Kelli Jennings, the nutrition guru in this episode of the podcast. Yes, Darryl and Victor were super excited to have Kelli join in and talk about her new comprehensive nutrition and fitness program, designed to help people lose weight, maintain a lean weight, and become more fit. Oh, and […]

Tips for Off-Season Cycling and Training

Okay, so if the weather you’re currently experiencing is not overly great for outside riding….what can you do?  Well, there are a few different options and the Cycling 360 guys go over them in this week’s podcast. Darryl might have chosen the option of moving to the Caribbean, but what other options do you have […]