Use Music When Doing Hill Repeats

Darryl sometimes may seem a bit unorthodox, but you need to give him a chance in this quicktip on using music when doing hill repeats.  There’s way more to his theory than just using it as motivation to pump you up.  You’ve got to tune in to find out all that he has to say […]

Goals and Challenges

What are your top level cycling goals and what might be stopping you from achieving them? In this quick tip Victor talks about how to self evaluate your goals and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go with your cycling. The exercise is simple. Just write down on […]

How your weight affects your performance on the bike

This weeks quick tip is from Victor How weight affects performance on the bike Cyclists obsess about bike and equipment weight but where they really should be looking is at their bodies. A little weight loss can make a big performance improvement Control your weight all year 8-10 pound can have massive time saving on […]

Improve your handling skills

Learn to be a better cyclist by improving your bike handling skills Bike handling is one of those things that cyclists hear about or may have tried to improve but usually aren’t sure where to begin. In our latest podcast Coach Rob and Victor talk about how to devlop your bike handling skills. Join Victor […]

The Bicycle Fit

All about bicycle fitting Not everyone knows about what exactly a bike fit is, but those who do sure know the beauty and importance of them.  Our Cycling 360 crew is lucky to have one of the best professional bike fitters on the planet and in this podcast, Victor (the Guru), tells us all about […]