Victor’s Number One Tip for a Beginner and Number One Tip for an Experienced Cyclist

In this Quick Tip Victor answers the listener question “what is your number one piece of advice for a beginner cyclist and your number one piece of advice for an experienced cyclist?” Victor’s top piece of advice to beginner cyclists: don’t worry about speed, don’t worry about distance, don’t focus on equipment. Focus on developing […]

Real Tips for Self-Motivation

If this podcast doesn’t totally fire you up and raise your level of motivation, then we don’t know what will.  In this edition of the Cycling 360 Podcast, Darryl and Victor share their own personal strategies and advice for improving your motivation to get out there and ride… matter what. Not only will this podcast […]

Learn to Become a Better Cyclist

Todays quick tip is about learning and taking your cycling to a whole new level. In this tip Victor talks about the upcoming Road Cycling Summit We have some really great giveaways too. From our sponsors Jaybird Sport: Wireless Headphones for Athletes XX2i Optics: Affordable performance sunglasses for cyclists Mountain Khakis: Great Outdoor Clothing Jenson […]

2016 Road Cycling Summit is Coming

This is easily the biggest news we’ve ever unloaded here at Cycling 360.  We are hosting a full on worldwide online road cycling summit from April 6 through 10, 2016. You know our mission is to make you a better cyclist, right?  Well, this event is our surefire way to significantly improve your performance in […]

Tips for Off-Season Cycling and Training

Okay, so if the weather you’re currently experiencing is not overly great for outside riding….what can you do?  Well, there are a few different options and the Cycling 360 guys go over them in this week’s podcast. Darryl might have chosen the option of moving to the Caribbean, but what other options do you have […]