Knee Pain – Common Causes

In this quick tip Victor talks about some of the most common causes of knee pain in cyclists The most common offenders are Saddle Height Worn cleats Cleat rotation adjusted incorrectly Too much too soon Mashing the pedals Low cadance       Links: Previous show on Bicycle Fit

Mastering Drinking from a waterbottle

Victor gives some tips on water bottles and drinking technique This is a skill that nobody talks about but few have mastered.  Its a really important skill so that you will drink often and avoid crashing or causing others to crash. Different techniques for grabbing water bottles Selecting water bottles Water bottle cages Triathletes Special […]

How your weight affects your performance on the bike

This weeks quick tip is from Victor How weight affects performance on the bike Cyclists obsess about bike and equipment weight but where they really should be looking is at their bodies. A little weight loss can make a big performance improvement Control your weight all year 8-10 pound can have massive time saving on […]

Finding Time to Train (The Life/Cycling Balance)

Balancing Cycling and work/family Do you have difficulty finding the time to get in quality training on your bike, or including your cycling into your life balance?  Like most things in life, we have to make time for the things that matter most to us….and cycling is definitely one of those things that we need […]

Making Upgrades to your Bike

You might hear some cyclists saying (or you might say this yourself), “I really need to buy [a new bike] [get new wheels] [etc] to make me a better cyclist.  If only it were that easy, right?  Well there are upgrades that you can make to your bike that will help you perform better, but […]