Using the Muse Brain Sensing Headband To Improve Your Cycling

In this Quick tip Victor tells you about one of his favorite new products, the Muse brain sensing headband. This product helps you focus your meditation and gives you feedback so that you can know how your meditation is going. Lots of athletes and cyclists are already using this product to enhance their focus and […]

Learn to Become a Better Cyclist

Todays quick tip is about learning and taking your cycling to a whole new level. In this tip Victor talks about the upcoming Road Cycling Summit We have some really great giveaways too. From our sponsors Jaybird Sport: Wireless Headphones for Athletes XX2i Optics: Affordable performance sunglasses for cyclists Mountain Khakis: Great Outdoor Clothing Jenson […]

Take care of your seatpost!

Todays quick tip will save you a lot of aggravation. In this tip Victor talks about Why you should inspect your seat post How to check and mark your seat height How to avoid a seized post.

Getting ready for your big event

How to avoid many of the problems that people have before a big event. When to have your bike “tuned” before the event Have your bike checked several weeks in advance. Avoid the common mistake of waiting until a week before your event to have your bike checked and or repaired and then blame the […]

Should you get a road bike with disk brakes?

Disk Brakes on a Road Bike? In this tip Victor shares his opinion on disk brakes for road bikes. In a few years disk brakes will be pervasive on road bikes. Whats the big problem with old fashioned caliper road brakes. Hydraulic brakes may need a pro to do maintenance. The big advantage of disk […]