Tight Shoulders

Many cyclists get tense shoulders when they ride. Listen to the quick tip to learn about the causes and solutions to this problem. Why cyclists get tight shoulders What aspects of fit effect this problem Some little tips on how to alleviate What cadence has to do with tight   One on one session with […]

How to check your chain for wear

How often should you replace your chain? In this quick tip Victor talks about a simple way to check your chain for wear. How often you should replace your chain. When to bring it to the bike shop. How to use a chain wear indicator. Why the “ruler method” is not accurate. Links To learn […]

Check and replace your clipless pedal cleats

How to check and replace your cleats In this quick tip Victor talks about why you should replace your cleats Worn cleats can cause problems like Knee issues Problems clipping in and out Even foot discomfort Cleats are a consumable item like tires and should be checked frequently and replaced when worn. It is critical […]

Knee Pain – Common Causes

In this quick tip Victor talks about some of the most common causes of knee pain in cyclists The most common offenders are Saddle Height Worn cleats Cleat rotation adjusted incorrectly Too much too soon Mashing the pedals Low cadance       Links: Previous show on Bicycle Fit

Cycling Training Zones

Cycling Training Zones Wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how hard to train in your bike? ┬áIn this edition of the Cycling360 Podcast, we go over training zones and explain how to get more from your training by using them. Training zones are valuable when you know how to use them properly, and in […]