Alternative Training Spinning vs Road

Alternative Training Spinning vs Road In this edition of the Cycling 360 podcast we discuss the idea of using a spin bike for cycling and triathlon training.  For those that don’t know about spin bikes, they are a special stationary exercise bike with a weighted flywheel and are generally used in a class environment in […]

Finding Time to Train (The Life/Cycling Balance)

Balancing Cycling and work/family Do you have difficulty finding the time to get in quality training on your bike, or including your cycling into your life balance?  Like most things in life, we have to make time for the things that matter most to us….and cycling is definitely one of those things that we need […]


It’s a topic that we don’t generally like to discuss, but crashing is a part of cycling and knowing how best to avoid and deal with them is important to everyone. In this podcast, the Cycling 360 guys talk about all aspects of the crash and provide some incredibly valuable information which includes: How to […]

Strength Training for Cyclists

In this podcast, the Cycling 360 guys jump off the bikes and talk about strength training and what all cyclists should know about this valuable topic.  Lifting weights is one thing, but doing the right exercises and making use of the proper knowledge can save you a lot of time, energy, and prevent injury. Be […]

Trainers and Rollers

It’s that time of year where many cyclists around the world are pushed indoors for training.  There’s also a lot of cyclists who use trainers and rollers as part of their year round riding.  In this podcast we go over everything you need to know about this equipment and how to get the most out […]