Finding the Right Chamois Cream

Do you have trouble with chafing? Many of us don’t like to think or talk about chafing, but its a problem many cyclists share. There are many ways to avoid chafing, including making sure your clothes are clean and ajusting your position, but sometimes you have to use something. In today’s tip, Victor tells us […]

Pain and Cycling

Pain. Cyclists wear it like a badge of honor. But did you know there is a difference between good pain and bad pain? In today’s Quick Tip, Victor discusses how to tell the difference between good pain and bad pain, how to manage pain, and when pain can be useful. Listen in to find out! […]

How to check your chain for wear

How often should you replace your chain? In this quick tip Victor talks about a simple way to check your chain for wear. How often you should replace your chain. When to bring it to the bike shop. How to use a chain wear indicator. Why the “ruler method” is not accurate. Links To learn […]

Prevent Common Cycling Injuries

Prevent Common Cycling Injuries Cyclists can often be plagued by nagging little injuries that can sometimes develop into bigger injuries.  But we all want to stay healthy and injury free so that we can continue riding, right?  So how do you prevent these common injuries from happening? In this edition of the Cycling 360 podcast, […]

Common Cycling Injuries

This time around, we aren’t talking about major injuries that come as a result of a crash….this one is all about the common injuries a cyclist can experience from regular riding. There is definitely a difference between the good pain (“Shut Up Legs”) and bad pain (injury) that can be experienced, and this podcast explains […]