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  1. Frank Burns says:

    I am a relatively new road cyclist. I found this podcast and it has been a huge blessing to me. I have learned a ton, gone to get a professional bike fit, and even learned a bit about random animals in Grenada. I am taking the online bike care class and spend time catching up at the Road Cycling Summit. I feel like I have Victor’s voice in my head 24/7! In addition, I have Meniere’s Disease and don’t hear in my left ear well. The Aftershokz bone conduction headphones have allowed me to hear in stereo for the first time in years. This podcast has really been a blessing and I have enjoyed learning. I am pleased to have the opportunity to contribute back as a way of saying “Thanks!”

  2. Thank You!
    I have been listening for several months now, and riding for a few years. I find it so refreshing to hear all your experience and wisdom handed out so evenly w/out judgement and always encouraging riders. I enjoy your podcasts and have learned a great many details that enhance my growing base of knowledge, keep them coming. Rori

  3. Hi guys

    I’ve been lovin the bike here in Melbourne, Australia for 25 years now. Down here cycling is the new golf. I used to know almost everyone I that rode by but now bikes outnumber cars 3/1 on weekends along Beach Rd. It’s great.

    After so many years of racing I realise just how much knowledge I’ve accumulated when listening to you guys and thinking, wow I’d forgotten this or that.

    Thank you so much for refreshing my memory and adding more detail with every podcast. You guys truely know your stuff. I eagerly await every episode.

    BTW Darryl sounds so much like a very good riding buddy of mine it’s like he is talking to me while I’m eating up hours in the truck.

    Keep up the good work.

  4. I continue to listen to your guys. You offer a low key, non-pompous approach to cycling while connecting the audience with various helpful topics and questions. As a life-long learning and in training, Thank you . . . Dan Seifert, Harrisonburg, Virginia

  5. Hey Guys,

    I just wanted to send a preemptive thank you! About 6 months ago I signed up for my first Ironman (IM Texas). In anticipation of all the additional riding I was going to need to do, I found the podcast and started listening to a lot of the old episodes. The ones on nutrition and bike maintenance/cleaning have been immensely helpful. And I started to take better care of my bike, so much so that I came to realize that I needed a major tune up.

    So with the race about a month away I took my bike in for a major spa treatment, which included replacing the chain. Since the tune up I’ve been doing regular spot checks, lubing the chain, etc., and over this past weekend I noticed one of the links was bent and looked like it was failing; and the chain was only a couple weeks old! So I took my bike back to my local shop and they replaced it w/o any fuss.

    My preemptive thank you is because even though I have no idea how long that chain could have held out, if life has taught me anything it would have likely failed while I was about 60 miles into the ride during my Ironman. I have no idea what my future race holds, but I do know that I would not have caught that potential major machine malfunction had it not been for the podcast and all the useful tips.

    Thanks so much and I look forward to future podcasts.


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