Avoiding Flat Tires

In this quick tip Victor talks about “strand free cycling”.iStock_000014896136XSmall

We cover 3 tips that will help you avoid getting a flat tire.

1. Select the correct tire pressure

2. Inspect your tires for debris

3. Use high quality tires

Here is a link to the maintenance class that was mentioned

Tire Pressure article




  1. After years of riding flat free, I suddenly started getting a lot of flats. I could never find the cause (no obvious punctures, no pinch flats) until one time when I was taking the tube out I realized it was on the inside of the tube. It turned out that the rim tape was failing and a spoke end was causing the flats. New rim tape, and I’ve been flat free ever since. If there is no other obvious cause, and the puncture is on the inside of the tube, check your rim tape.

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