Do it Yourself: Build Your Own Bike

Have you ever thought of building your own bike?  You might just want to after listening to this podcast about the ins and outs of building your own road bike. Darryl’s business is about to start building it’s own brand of bikes, and it got us thinking about the advice and tips we could give to other wanting to personally build their own.  So here it is.  All the good stuff on do it yourself bike building.

  • Why would you want to build a bike?
  • The best place to start once you’ve decided to build
  • The advantages and disadvantages of various groupsets
  • How to select a frame.  Do you go new or used?
  • Making your way through the component choices and decisions
  • Victor’s tip on selecting components
  • What basic tools are necessary to do a build?
  • What aspects should you consider having a professional do for you?
  • Assembly tips

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  1. Hi
    Great show on building your own bike , having just finished a Pinarello I would agree with a lot of your comments. Buying individual components can be fun it just means you spend the winter on the internet checking compatibility … My frame came with Sleeve feeders for the internal cables and one fell out , a great tip from the web was cotton and a vacuum cleaner over the hole you want to feed to , it worked a treat.

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