Quick Fixes on Your Bike

Quick Fixes and Roadside Repairs

Unfortunately our bikes are not in-destructable and from time to time will have minor (or major) breakdowns.  This is one of our most important Cycling 360 podcasts ever because we go over some of the typical things that can happen and what can be done to prevent it or repair it while out on the road.

Have a listen to this podcast on Quick Fixes and find out about:

  • Typical breakdowns on the bike including:
    • Various types of Flats
    • Dropping seat posts
    • Saddles that nose down
    • Stems that aren’t tight
    • Broken cables
    • Broken spokes
    • Poor shifting
  • How to  deal with a flat tubular or a clincher on a ride or a race
  • Bike pumps and CO2 cartridges.  What are best?
  • How to prevent handle bars, seat posts, saddles, and stems from causing problems on your ride
  • What do you do when breaking or shifting performance starts to suffer on a ride or a race?
  • What to do about a broken spoke when out on the road, and what not to do
  • Broken chains, broken cleats, and more.
  • Plus the Cycling 360 Quick Tip on Quick Fixes by Coach Rob
Additional Links:
Basic Bicycle Maintenance Class Mentioned in the show

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  1. paul stubbs says:

    hi guys great podcasts ,just down loading all for i tunes. so much great info.
    thanks from the uk

  2. When using CO2 to fill a flat, how do you gauge tire pressure?

    Can you comment on the best ways to cure/locate a creak? I have a Giant OCR2 that has a mystery creak. I’m thinking of trying a stethoscope while the bike is in the trainer.

    • Hey Mike, If your tire is completely flat when you go to use your CO2 Cartridge there is usually just enough compressed gas to fill the tire up well enough to complete your ride. In my experience at least. If you are dealing with a slow leak on the road you should just give a few short hits of the pump until you can no longer press on a tire and it give way under your hand or fingers when you try to squeeze it. – Coach Rob

  3. Great podcast as ever guys.

    One thing I would add from experience is to always carry a spare saddle bolt. I have had two snap on me. The first time it happened I though it was a fluke, the second I though maybe my wife was after claiming my life insurance!

    Seriously though I have no idea what caused it, maybe having the saddle too far back as the marking in the rails was outside of the clamp. The last time I placed it I used a titanium bolt and now always carry a spare with me.

    • While this does happen it is rare. If I understand correctly you are using a Titanium bolt. If so that may be the issue. Also I wonder if you are over tightening the bolt… Just a few thoughts

      Thanks for listening and the feedback


  4. Thank you for a consistently good, upbeat show.

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